Ditching cravings for salt, sugar, and fats

One of the first orders of my doctor for me to lose weight was to avoid all processed foods. This included food from fast food shops and not just processed and canned meats like ham, corned beef, and sausages, and other chips and snacks. My first thought was, ‘What am I going to eat?’

He explained that processed foods contain the three most dangerous ingredients: salt, sugar, and fats. Ironically, these are also the three things that make food delicious, right?

So one has to use imagination to find alternatives to the more convenient practice of eating at fast food places, or opening a can of meat, or frying foods. Fortunately I love to cook although since returning to my mother’s house I kind of have to pay heed to her because she’s the queen of her kitchen. I discovered that grilling and steaming food to be delicious alternatives. Stove-top grilling adds a distinct layer of flavor to food while I like the way steaming gives food a fresh feel.

I saw this story over at Huffington Post on how to ditch cravings for sugar, salt, and fats. I was glad to see my discovered method at the top of their 10-item list. You can read the full story HERE.

grilled fish & salad

grilled fish & salad


Diet Fries?

Fast food companies are scrambling to cope with the rising trend of healthy eating by tweaking their existing recipes to make their products less of a guilty pleasure. This tactic is not really new. Other brands have played on people’s inability to give up rich foods by coming up with modified versions of existing favorites. Hello, Baked Lays and Coke Zero. But I think Burger King beat the other brands by coming up with a lower-calorie french fry, the Satisfries.

L-regular fries; R-satisfries

L-regular fries; R-satisfries

According to the BK website, the Satisfries have 40% less fat and 30% less calories. How did they do it? By coating the potatoes with a batter that blocked out oil instead of absorbing it. Read the story HERE.

Oh, by the way, there’s no word that this will be made available in the Philippines. At least, no word yet.