Snack Flashback

Today I was supposed to join a friend in shopping for vegetarian food items but I found myself in a supermarket instead. I won’t go into the details of this deviation from my original plan anymore. Things happen for a reason.

Could it be this?

Hi-Ro and Iced Gem

Hi-Ro and Iced Gem

Hi-Ro has been repackaged but I’m told it tastes the same. Iced Gem was my favored snack back in the 90s. This is a variant because the cookie is chocolate-flavored. The original was also available, FYI.

And this?

Clover Bits

Clover Bits

I haven’t seen this in years! I remember in high school (the 80s), we would add this to the spaghetti sold in the school cafeteria to enhance its flavor. This is not the original flavor, though.

I was so overwhelmed with this snack deja vu that I bought a pack of each, against my better judgement.


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