Food for a rainy day

In our household, one can mark the passing of the seasons with the kind of food that is being prepared. I think many can relate to this. Monsoon season in our house means a lot of soup-based dishes while summer brings grilled dishes and salads. This past week it has been raining almost everyday, so the food we prepared and ate at home reflects the weather. Let me share some of them.

Sinigang na Crispy Pata

Sinigang na Crispy Pata

I cooked this because we had some left-over (un-eaten) crispy pata from my birthday. My mother wanted to reheat this in the oven but I insisted on making a sinigang out of it. Unfortunately we didn’t have any radish and gabi in the refrigerator so I had to make do with what we had. It turned out very well.

Misua with Patola and Meatballs Soup

Misua with Patola and Meatballs Soup

We had this for breakfast and it was perfect for a rainy morning. paired with crusty bread, it was filling but not too heavy. This inspired my vegetarian friend to prepare vegetable dumpling soup. I asked him to teach me how to make vegetable dumplings.

Daing na Bangus and Pinakbet

Daing na Bangus and Pinakbet

Fried fish plus stir-fried vegetables are a rainy season staple in our home. I’m not crazy about Bangus belly but I enjoy a well-marinated daing na Bangus. The pinakbet was not planned; I just used whatever we had in the vegetable bin.

I recently joined a blog contest wherein one shows his most-liked food. My entries will all be home-cooked food because I want to show that home cooking rocks! Wish me luck!


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