Regarding pancakes

My family loves pancakes. A few month’s back I wrote about whole-wheat pancakes as a healthy alternative to pre-packed pancake mixes. Normally, we make pancakes from scratch but there are times when we’re either pressed for time or we’re feeling lazy, we use ready-made pancake mix, usually Maya.

I discovered White King Hotcake & Waffle Mix recently and I bought it because it was even simpler to prepare than other pancake mixes. All it takes is water or milk. No eggs, no oil. I was immediately intrigued. But I was apprehensive about its ingredients so I checked its label and found that it uses Bromate-free wheat flour and a slew of other pancake ingredients in powder form (milk and eggs, etc). I’m not sure if that is good or bad. I checked its nutrition facts and saw that it has 160 calories per serving and no trans fat. I found it to be slightly comforting so I prepared the pancake mix.

To cut down on the calories, just use water in mixing. Also, use a non-stick pan so there’s no need to grease it with butter. When eating, I don’t use butter or syrup; instead I use about a tablespoon of evaporated milk.

Aside from its extreme ease of preparation, the pancakes turned out to be tasty and fluffy. They are fluffier than the whole-wheat pancakes and you could really taste a hint of vanilla. It’s a little better than our usual brand of pancake mix. Of course, it is not comparable to my aunt’s pancake recipe (which I haven’t tried using whole-wheat) but when you are pressed for time, this pancake mix will do.




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