Buffet Behavior

Is it a good idea to go on a buffet when you’re on a diet?

I’ve been trying to find a suitable answer to this question, not wanting to treat it as a yes-or-no question, with a black-or-white answer. When I was in grad school, going to buffet restaurants was a big thing among my friends. They–we–were always on the look-out for the next buffet restaurant to visit.

These excursions have taught me to exercise quality over quantity, when it came to getting my money’s worth in a buffet setting. For me choosing is a bit easy: I gravitate to foods that I cannot prepare. From this initial filter I can further select the dishes that are healthy or contains the ‘right’ ingredients. So I don’t gorge myself anymore; choosing instead to be satisfied from eating dishes I can’t prepare at home.

But sometimes, in the company of certain friends, in the heat of conversation, quantity takes precedence over quality.

Here’s proof:

Sushi Bar Buffet Casualties

Sushi Bar Buffet Casualties


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