In my journey towards healthy eating (and losing weight), one of the first things I realized was the importance of having breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day because it provides you with energy for work. More importantly, having an adequate breakfast keeps me from over-eating at lunch.

Our household is big on breakfast. We either have rice or bread in the mornings, paired with eggs, dried seafood (fish or squid), heated left-overs, hotdogs, ham, cheese, and other spreads. On weekends or during rainy season, we would have Champorado or Arroz Caldo.

But my favorite breakfast is Fried Rice paired with any fish that is Pinangat (cooked with souring agents like tomato, kamias, or tamarind). I prefer this over another sour dish called Paksiw because that dish uses vinegar instead of other, more ‘natural’ agents.

Pair this with a hot cup of coffee and my morning is sure to be good!

my perfect breakfast

my perfect breakfast


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