Vegan ambition

15 years ago, I became a vegetarian, largely due to the influence of co-workers in a company that taught esoterica, where I worked as assistant editor in its publishing arm. My employment with the company didn’t last for a year (because I got recruited back to my civil society roots) but I remained vegetarian for more than a year more. The reason? Well, there was no other vegetarian at work and at home. The difficulty of preparing food for myself ultimately caught up with me and I just gave up–to put it bluntly.

But over the years I continued to look back at those two years of my life, when I felt good for eating well, when I was so ‘regular’ like clockwork, when I could eat a lot without feeling bloated, and so on.

Since taking this convoluted road to losing weight, going vegan is in my mind a lot of times again. Although I know that going vegan does not necessarily translate to losing weight, I think that a diet rich in vegetables and alternative protein sources is a healthier way of eating. Of course, there are arguments that will refute my line of thinking but this is my opinion, which I am not imposing on anyone.

Whenever I get the chance to cook at home–or when Mama lets me decide on the food that we’ll be eating at home or at restaurants, I always suggest that we eat vegetable dishes. Yesterday I stir-fried some mixed vegetables and it was completely meat-less. In our home vegetable dishes are often packed with recados such as shrimp or sliced of pork belly, or both. I just used the holy trinity of garlic, onion, and tomato. I also found a vegan oyster sauce and it tasted like the real thing.

stir-fried mixed veggies sans meat

stir-fried mixed veggies sans meat

But who can resist pairing a vegetable dish–meat-less as it were–with a protein-rich food? As soon as I finished cooking the stir-fried mixed veggies (which Mama called chopsuey right away), she started frying some fish to go with it.

fried fish to go with the veggies

fried fish to go with the veggies

It was a hearty lunch at home. And I realized how far I am from my vegan ambition. The closest I can aspire to, perhaps, is being a pescetarian, at least.


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