Bistro Ravioli

Last week, my friend and I met for her birthday dinner. We met at our usual haunt, which is Robinsons Malate. We both got off work a bit early and since we had the time, we worked up an appetite by doing some window shopping. After about an hour or so, it was dinner time. But we had a difficult time deciding. We wanted something filling, but not too heavy. I suggested Cyma, which is a favorite of mine, but my friend balked at the price. Since it was my treat, I said it was fine but she didn’t want me to spend too much.

I asked her if she had tried Bistro Ravioli and she said she hadn’t yet. I hadn’t tried it too but I heard from a cousin that they had some good ravioli there. My friend perused the menu and she liked the price. So went to Bistro Ravioli. When we asked the waitress what was the special dish in the menu, she gladly recited the “bestsellers”. I was about to remind her that her answer was incorrect but my friend’s glare stopped me from making taray that early in the dinner so I kept my mouth shut. Instead we ordered a Caesar salad, a pepperoni pizza, meatball spaghetti, and the ricotta-spinach ravioli.

Less than five minutes later, we were pleasantly surprised when our salad arrived. However, this pleasant feeling was gone when less than another five minutes later, the rest of our order arrived, crowding our table. Now, any self-respecting restaurant knows that food is served according to course. It’s the difference between eating a la carte and in a buffet. This type of service, though polite, is un-informed and simply sucks. They should know better.

Good thing that the food was mostly great. I say mostly because the salad seemed un-inspired. The meatball was great, the pasta (spaghetti & ravioli) were perfectly cooked. Although, in my opinion, the ravioli could use more ricotta and less spinach to achieve a more balanced flavor. The pizza was okay; I was curious to try the other flavors but I was put off by the service. My enjoyment of our dinner at Bistro Ravioli was diminished by the lackluster service. It’s too bad because I enjoyed most of the things that we ordered.

Hopefully, next time?

this was great!

this was great!


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