No small reunion

After almost a year, my friend went back to Manila to attend the graduation ceremony of our grad school–something that I’ll miss because I decided to forego the final subject I need to take to graduate in favor of a great job opportunity. In the nine months or so that she was in Canada, I was very busy with many things: I did a few personal projects, got myself published in national magazines, and took a writing job for a popular broadcasting company. I had almost forgotten the things that we did together while we were classmates.

When we were not studying, we were eating. We ate in her condo unit, which was like our de facto club house, we ate in fast food restaurants but mostly, we ate at many buffet places.

And now that she’s back, guess where we met for dinner? We couldn’t get a table at Vikings so we settled for Buffet 101. This was baaad for my diet and though I looked forward to seeing her and the rest of my grad school friends, I dreaded succumbing to the temptation of eating excessively, which buffets tend to do to me in the past.

As always, we arrived almost at the same time at the place, just as the restaurant started admitting those with reservations. I think we were the third group to be admitted. Just how much time did we spend in the buffet? We were second to the last to leave the place. So did I surrender to the orgy of foods before my eyes? Not quite, I tried to eat sensibly, balancing my meats with veggies and minimizing the carbs. My only indulgence in the whole meal was more than one serving of the soft-serve frozen yoghurt–which was excellent even without any topping!

We stayed that long in the restaurant because we also chatted and caught up with each others’ affairs. After all, it’s been almost a year since we were together like that. No food porn shots either. I was too busy chatting to pause for photographing my plates. At night’s end, I had a blast–had a great time with my friends and knew that I stuck true to my resolve to eating sensibly and healthy.

taking a break from eating

taking a break from eating


A work in progress

I love fudge brownies but in recent years I tried to steer clear from them because they’re fattening. After finally perfecting my ‘healthy’ recipe for banana bread, I decided that the next recipe on my development agenda was for brownies. However, I was only able to start doing this a few weeks ago.

the first experiment

the first experiment

And now that I’ve started to work full-time again, my baking experiments will have to be rescheduled to weekends, like today.

So far the results were promising. They taste fine, even if I haven’t really used my more expensive cocoa. I have a substantial supply, which I asked my aunt to get for me while she was in the States. I just need it to make it more moist and fudgy, without the extra sugar and calories. Watch out for updates!

yummy enough, but there's still room for improvement

yummy enough, but there’s still room for improvement