Whole-wheat pancakes

For some strange reason, in my family, pancakes are seen as more of a snack food than a breakfast fare. I think, for many Filipinos this is true. In my case, pancakes became part of my breakfast only a few years ago. My solitary mornings in Cambodia contributed to this. When I didn’t feel like having Khmer breakfast fare like beef noodles or grilled pork over rice, I’d make myself some pancakes from scratch. I got a great recipe for pancakes from an aunt so this allowed me to make just enough for me. Sometimes, I’d keep the batter in the ref and I’d have pancakes for 2 days–as breakfast and as snacks.

I also like my pancakes simple. A small dollop of butter and some syrup or honey will do it for me. I don’t need those whipped creams, fancy syrups, and other add-ons such as fruits and chocolate chips. If I need some side dishes, a couple of rashers of bacon or a slice of ham will do. A fried egg is fine.

Since I got started on this healthy eating habit, I’d been curious about making pancakes using whole-wheat flour. As we all know, eating whole wheat in bread and pasta is kind of like eating brown rice. It tends to be more chewy and it sits more heavily in your tummy. That is not entirely a bad thing; however, I’ve eaten some whole-wheat bread and pasta that simply tasted like card board.

Months ago I encountered this prepared pancake mix with a whole-wheat twist. I bought it and somehow it managed to remain in our cupboard, un-noticed and un-used, until last weekend.

this is NOT an endorsement

this is NOT an endorsement

This morning I prepared it according to the directions and the 2 packs yielded a dozen pancakes. They are not as fluffy as the pancakes I am used to but I guess it’s due to the flour, which I think is denser than the bleached and sterile flour that is in every commercial bread product in the market. It does have a bit of an earthy smell that quickly dissipated when butter was melted on top of them.

how they stacked up

how they stacked up

So how was the taste? Well, it didn’t taste like card board or any kind of paper, I’m glad to say. In fact, it tasted much better than I expected. When I ate it with some canned ham, it was great. However, I found myself having difficulty finishing the 3 pancakes because it was so filling. Next time, I know my serving size already for whole-wheat pancakes: two will do!

breakfast this morning

breakfast this morning

One of these days, I would make my aunt’s pancake recipe using whole-wheat flour (and share it in this blog) but this prepared whole-wheat pancake mix will do for now.


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