A word of welcome

So, welcome to this blog, hapless reader. I must admit–this is not my first blog. However, this is my first food blog. As I said in my previous post, I was inspired by the better food blogs to share my journey of transitioning to a healthy eating habit and towards a healthier life. I want to write about the changes I’ve been initiating in my choices of food, in the preparation of my food, and how these will impact the other aspects of my life.


That being said, you probably won’t find me writing about the latest fast food craze or reviewing the new additions to the menus of the popular food chains, or even how to gorge one’s self in the latest buffet restaurants. In the event that I do–I hope that you, my hapless reader, will remind me using nothing but strong words.

My aim in this food blog is to share my knowledge of healthy eating. This will include shopping for healthier food in our local markets, methods of food preparation that will maintain freshness and the nutritional values of the ingredients, and information on places where one can actually enjoy eating healthy food without draining your wallet.

I hope you learn something useful on healthy eating here, as I hope to learn from your feedback as well.


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