A new look

Last night I was tinkering with my other blog, which just had its second anniversary. I was looking for a new WordPress theme for it but the one I found and really liked was more appropriate for a food blog. I only intended to preview it but I fell in love with it right away.

I knew it’s perfect for Food for Life. I like its simplicity and elegance. I was crazy about the blackboard design of the previous theme, which reminded me of blackboards that displayed the day’s specials outside bistros and cafes. This theme is very light on the eyes and just looks so fresh!

The theme makes me think of a bowl of miso soup. Because miso soup is such a light and refreshing soup, best served in an elegant bowl.


Minutes after fawning over the new look of this blog, I eventually found a perfect theme for my other blog.

To happy endings!

Friday Food Shot 45

I had an unforgettable plate of Pasta Puttanesca back in late 2008, courtesy of an Indian-American colleague who made it for me while we were doing field work for a research commissioned by IOM in Cambodia. Since then, I’ve tasted many Pasta Puttanesca but I must admit that nothing came close to that one I had in Svay Rieng.

So far, this is the closest. It’s not much to look at, probably because of the bad lighting in the restaurant and the camera I used but it tastes great. It’s from A Veneto, which I think is the sister restaurant of Napoli.